Terms & Conditions

1. The renter receives said vehicle in good condition and acknowledges liability for the cost of all fuel consumed during rental.

2. The renter will return said vehicle together with all tires, tools, vehicle documents, accessories and equipment to the station in the city where the said car was rented.

3. Inter Rent rates include 3rd party insurance(excluding occupants and relatives) , maintenance, lubrification and washing that might be done by the hirer according to the vehicle manufacturer specifications that will be repaid to the hirer if Inter Rent has previously authorized and must be supported by invoices or receipts. The renter must check oil levels, water levels every day and tire pressure and battery every 15 days. In case of a break down due to unforeseen reasons Inter Rent, Lda will provide a replacement vehicle that if possible will be delivered in the original rental location.

4. The said vehicle shall not be used to transport goods in violation of customs regulation or in any other illegal manner and may not be operated by any person under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs.

5. Clients and authorised drivers must be in possession of a valid, unendorsed licence. The minimum age is 23 years and the driver’s license must be valid for a minimum of 3 years. In case the renter is a judicial person (Company or Institution), it is obliged to the same requirements when said vehicle will be left to a third person (staff). Clients and authorised drivers must be in possession of their licence at all times while driving in Mozambique together with the passport or I.D. The rates include one additional driver USD 2.5 per day extra driver is applicable on all rates, to a maximum of USD 40.00 per rental per month.

6. The renter expressly acknowledges hability to pay lesser on demand.

– A kilometre charge computed at the rate specified for the kilometres covered by said vehicle during the term of the rental. All vehicles are equipped with sealed odmeters. If any attempt has been made to break the seal a charge of 400 km/day will be applied while any discount, long distance, monthly or weekly rates and all promotional specials will then become available.

– Time collision damage waiver, theft loss waiver, free tax and miscellaneus charges;
– All fines and court costs for parking, traffic or other illegal violations assessed against the said vehicle, renter or lesser during the term of o this agreement except if caused by fault of lesser.
– Lessor’s costs including reasonable attorneys fees as permitted by law incurred with collecting payments due from renter here under. – The cost of damages caused by crash, collision loss, defects or upsetting of said vehicle. Renter’s responsability will not exceed the amount displayed in the brochure when a CDTW insurance has been previously made and the renter has not violeted an of the terms and the conditions of the contract. Declining CDTW the renter is liable for the full amount of damages incured, or the value of the vehicle and Inter Rent, Lda will require an additional deposit to cover current responsability.


Notwithstanding that the renter has taken a CDTW insurance he is liable for all the damages to the Inter Rent, Lda vehicle caused by: negligence, by failure to drive or use it taking reasonable care for the safety and protection of the same; by driving in roads not suitable for the vehicle; by having an accident where no other vehicle; Mozambican traffic, road and driving rules and regulations are not adhered to; if an unauthorised person is driving the vehicle; if the odmeter has been tampered with. In the event of a theft the following may negate all cover, and full responsability apply if the client is unable to produce the vehicle keys; the client does not report the exact details of the last known location of the vehicle prior to loss; the theft has not been reported to Inter Rent, Lda personnel in writing within 24 hours. TW does not include wheel charge due to puncture damage to tyre and rim, and to windscreen however caused.

7. The renter agrees to protect the interested of leaser and leasers insurance company in case of accident during the term of the rental by: – Obtaining names and addresses of the parties involved and of the witnesses; – Not admitting any liabilities or guilt; – Not abandoning the said vehicle without taking adequate provisions for safeguarding and securing the same; – Calling the nearest Inter Rent, Lda station by telephone even in case of slight damage, giving further detailed report including drawing to the lesser; – Notifying the police immediately if otherparties guilt has to be ascertained, or if people have been injured.

8. The renter hereby releases the leaser of and any liabilities or loss or damage to any property left stored or transported by the renter for any other person in the said vehicle. The renter further agrees to all the leaser free costs based upon or incured due to such a loss or damage.

9. The lesser whilst taken all precautions and using his best efforts to prevent such happenings, shall not be liable for mechanical failure of said vehicle or consequential damage.

10. The minimum rental period is 24 hours. Unless extension of the rental period are negotiated with Inter Rent, Lda in advance the vehicle be used unduly and without being insured. Inter Rent, Lda reserves the right to refuse the extensions. Following a grace period of 59 minutes a further day’s rental will be charged.

11. A cash deposit is required of clients settling their accounts in cash. The amount of the deposit is negotiated at the time of rental. The following credit cards are accepted. Visa and Master Card. These may also be used to dispense the cash deposit. When payment is made by credit card the renter agrees that his signature below the rental contact authorisation to debit the nominated credit card company with the total amount due. Only bank guaranted cheques accepted.

12. The renter is not allowed to take the vehicle out of the province where it was rented, or even abroad, without previous authorisation by the lessor.

13. The agreement is construed in accordance with the laws of the country and both parties agrees to submit themselves to the court of the city of Maputo, Mozambique.

14. Any additions to or alterations of the terms and conditions of this agreement shall be null and void unless agreed upon writing.

15 With the renter’s signature below the contract all conditions and terms of same acknowledged and accepted.